How does it work?

When a lead capture goal is set, Reactful will count every unique lead form submissions as a goal complete instance.

When should this be used?

This goal should be used when you want to capture user's information from within a reaction. Use this goal type when you want to generate more leads (sign up for a newsletter or blog, gated resources, ask for feedback, etc.)

With the lead capture goal, you can use Reactful's standard lead capture forms to capture common fields such as the visitor's name, email address, phone, and more. Alternatively, you can embed/integrate your own lead capture forms within reactions.

How do I set this up?

1. When setting up your goal, select the Lead Capture Goal.

2. Name the Goal.

3. Save

The system will recognize this goal once a user submits a lead for the first time after it has been setup.  At this point the goal's status will change to "Data Flowing".

Important - once a visitor submits the form, the goal is considered "completed" and reactions associated with this goal won't trigger again during the session.

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