Global Reactions are reactions that apply to all / multiple page of the site.

If you've set Global Reactions, especially if they are connected to specific elements on the page (i.e. Subtle Reactions or Element Triggers), you can easily test to make sure they work well on all pages.

To do so, follow these steps:

1) Create the Reaction - 

  • Select the reaction combination (Goal + Reaction + Trigger).

  • In the Trigger section, set the reaction as Global (you can also filter by specific paths).

  • Save the reaction.

2) Test the Reaction - 

  • From the page you are on (in the Reaction Studio), click Preview (the Eye icon).

  • A new tab will open ( with a preview of the page, so you can view it as a visitor.

  • Take the action that should trigger the reaction, and confirm that it is working.

  • In the Reaction Studio, go to a different page which the reaction should apply on, and take the same steps.

  • Repeat the test on as many pages as you'd like.

The Reaction doesn't work on all pages? 

  1. Check that the Global Filter is defined correctly and that you are testing pages that are included in the filter.

  2. Make sure you are testing in the Preview Mode and not on the actual site. This is because on the actual site, a reaction will only be triggered once per session (even when applied on multiple pages).

  3. If the reaction / trigger are connected to a specific element (i.e. button, form, image, etc.) it's possible that the pages are not built in the same way, preventing the system from identifying the element on all pages. In this case, you will need to create the reactions separately for the different pages / page groups.

Checked everything and the Global reaction still isn't working? Chat with us - we're here to help!

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