If you are visiting the site and don’t see the reactions you’ve set, please check the following:

Have you published the reactions? 

If the account is on Staging mode, or if reactions are turned off, you will not see them when visiting the site. 

Are you triggering the reaction?

Each reaction is only activated by the behavior set in the studio (i.e. page exit, idle user, etc.). If you are not seeing the reaction, make sure the page is fully loaded and that you are taking the correct action on the page that should trigger the reaction. For example, if the trigger is "Timer", make sure you are staying on the page long enough. 

Are you in the test group?

The system automatically applies an A/B test, to measure the effectiveness of reactions. By default, 20% of all visits to the site will be assigned to the control group.
Additionally, if you enable the A/B test function for a specific reaction, it will apply to a certain percent of visitors. Learn more about the A/B testing options.

Try the following:

  • Disable the reaction A/B test, test it and then reapply the A/B test

  • Use Incognito / Private Browsing mode / a different browser. You may need to try a few times until you are in the test group and activate the reaction.

If you checked all the above and the reaction is still not appearing, please contact us.

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