Absolutely. There are two ways to keep reactions from appearing on your site:

  1. Staging Mode -ย 

All accounts are set to "Staging" mode by default.

If you are just starting with Reactful, you can test different reactions and check out the system - without reactions going live on your site.

When you'd like to go live, go to the website dashboard, and then to Website Settings:

Then, Scroll down to the Staging / Live section and click on the "Cancel Staging Mode and Go Live!" button:

Your reactions will start appearing on the site.

Note - you can only activate the account once the code has been implemented on the site.

  • If at any point you'd like to pause the account, simple go to the same place and click the "Move to Staging Mode" button.

2. Deactivating reactions -

Once the account is live, you can still create reactions without them going live on the site.

After creating the reaction, you'll be able to turn it off (within the Studio):

You can always turn reactions On / Off, both from the reaction list in the Studio, or from the reaction analytics dashboard:

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