A custom goal setup allows you to define any action or event on the site as the goal for your reactions (button click, resource download, etc.).

This is the only goal type that requires extra tech work.

How does it work?

When you select this goal, a small JS snippet will be generated. This snippet should be implemented within the site, so it fires an event into the Reactful system when that action is taken.

For example, if the goal is to increase "Buy Now" Clicks, this JS snippet should be implemented within the button in a way that will fire an event when the button is clicked.

Once the snippet is implemented, our system will count every unique JS event as a goal complete instance.

When should this be used?

Use this goal type in the following cases:

1. You have a specific action on the site you'd like to improve (like button clicks, downloads, etc.)

2. You have a form on multiple pages that doesn't redirect the user to a unique Confirmation or Thank You page.

How do I set this up?

  1. When setting up your goal, select the Custom Goal.

  2. Read the explanation and click "Continue".

  3. Name the Goal

  4. Click "Save & Get Snippet"

  5. The JS snippet will be generated - it can be copied or sent directly to your IT team.

The system will recognize this event once a user completes it for the first time after it has been setup. At this point the goal's status will change to "Data Flowing".

Important - once a visitor triggered this event, the goal is considered "completed" 

and reactions associated with this goal won't trigger again during the session.

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