Once goals have been setup in your account, you will be able to see their status in the main dashboard:

Data Flowing - 

The system has identified a Goal Complete instance at least once in the last three days:

Last Seen - 

This displays the last time a Goal Complete instance was recognized by the system:

If this does not match your data, check that the goal setup hasn't changed on the site (url change, etc.) and that the Reactful code is still implemented on the relevant page.

Data Not Flowing - 

The system has not yet identified a Goal Complete instance:

This can have a few reasons:

  1. Reactful Code - Make sure the main Reactful code is implemented on the page where the goal is defined.

  2. Goal Complete Occurrence - Make sure at least one instance of the Goal Complete occurred after the goal was setup.

If you've checked both, and the system is still showing "Data not Flowing" - contact us and we will check!

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