It's very simple to see if the Reactful code is implemented correctly on your site, and there are a few ways to make sure.

Website Settings:

From your website's dashboard, go to Website Settings -

In the "Reactful Code" Section, you will see an indication at the right, if the site is connected.

If the code hasn't been identified on the site, you will see a "Not Connected" message:

If the code has been identified, you will see a "Site Connected" message:

The "Site Connected" message will appear as soon as the system identifies that the code has been implemented on at least one page of the site.

Reaction Studio:

In the Reaction Studio, you'll be able to see if the specific page you are currently viewing has the Reactful code or not.

If the code is not present on the page, you will see an "unplugged" icon at the top left (where you can input the page url):

Hovering over this icon will show you the message "Reactful snippet wasn't found on this page".

Note - 

If you see the "Site Connected" message in the website settings, but also see the "Unplugged" icon, it means that the code has been implemented on other pages of the site, but not on the page you are currently viewing.

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