You can now view different reaction events within your Google Analytics account and funnels!

Setup the Integration -

  1. Make sure you have Google Analytics on your site

  2. Within your Reactful account, go to Website Settings > Integrations > Enable the Google Analytics Integration:

Reactful Events -

Once your Reactful account is live and data starts flowing, you will see Reactful events within Google Analytics.

Event Category (Reactful - Tracking):

Event Action:

  • Reactful - Reaction Triggered - A visitor triggered a Reaction

  • Reactful - Reaction Clicked - A visitor clicked on the Reaction's CTA

  • Reactful - Reaction Closed - A visitor closed a Reaction

  • Reactful - Goal Completed - A visitor completed the goal

  • Reactful - Reaction Submitted - A visitor submitted a lead

Event Label:

Clicking on an Event Action will open a list of the Event Labels. For example, clicking on "Reactful - Reaction Triggered", will show all the instances in which reactions were triggered (by Reaction name) -

You can now create funnels for individual reactions, all reactions combined, or integrate these events within your existing funnels:

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