Reactful's platform provides a few levels of analytics, to help you get a better understanding of how users are behaving on the site, and the impact reactions have on the performance of the site.

In order to measure the effectiveness of reactions on the site, we use A/B testing. You can read more about it here, but here are the basic things you need to know:

  1. By default, 20% of visits to your site will be assigned to the control group. This group is marked as "Without Reactful", and serves as a baseline for the conversion rate.

  2. The remaining 80% will be assigned to the test group, and could trigger reactions based on their behavior. This group is marked as "With Reactful".

  3. The Impact Rate is calculated by comparing the conversion rates between the two groups.

The first level of analytics is the Goal Analytics.

A goal is measured across the entire site, and can have multiple reactions associated with it and contributing to it.

In the main dashboard you will see the goals you set for the account. Click on a goal to get to the Goal Analytics view:

The Second Level of analytics is the Reaction Analytics.

By default, you will see the potential audience for each reaction ("Visitors"), the number of times the reaction was triggered, clicked on, or closed.

You can also set an A/B test for each individual reaction, so you can measure the performance of all the variants. See our doc for A/B testing reactions:

To get to the Reaction Analytics, click on the "Reactions" tab in the Goal Analytics view:

You can dig even deeper and get more information by clicking on the reaction:

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