Welcome to Reactful!

Setting up your Reactful account and getting reactions live on your site is a matter of minutes.

Just follow these simple steps to get started!
We also recommend to check out our Getting Started Video Tutorial.

Account Setup:

  • Sign up for an account

  • Add your first website - this is where you enter your company and domain.

  • The system will generate a code for you to implement on all pages of the site, you can copy it or send directly to your IT team.

Notes - 

  • There’s no need to wait - you can start setting up reactions before the code is implemented!

  • Don't worry - the account is created in "Staging" mode, so nothing will go live on the site until you launch the account.

Creating Reactions:

  • Create a new reaction by clicking "create new reaction" on the left:

  • Create your first goal. 

  • Goals can be specific pages (i.e. “thank you” page), Form submit, Video View, Lead Generation or any action on the site (using an additional JS snippet that the system will generate for you to implement). You can also use a Notification goal that has no test/control group for updates you want to send to all your visitors. Learn more about Goals

  • Select the reaction type - Subtle animation / Text layer / Element focus:

When using a text layer reaction you will also create a Card - a text template that can be used in multiple reactions.

  • Select the trigger (user behavior) for this reaction:

You can also select the segmentation for this reaction - New / Returning visitors, Country / Domain referrer / Site cookies (learn more about Cookie Segmentation) / URL parameters (learn more about parameter segmentation here)

  • Name your reaction and save!

Remember - reactions won’t go live on your site until the code is implemented and the account is launched.

Launching Your Account:

Once the code is in place and you are happy with the reactions you created, it’s time to activate the account!

From the account Dashboard, go to Website Settings.

  •  Make sure you see this notification:

This means that the code is implemented correctly on the site!

  •  Scroll down, and click the “Cancel Staging Mode and Go Live!” button.

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