There are two ways to integrate Hubspot with Reactful:

  • Dynamically add existing Hubspot forms into a Reaction to capture leads

  • Use Hubspot to segment visitors and deliver realtime dynamic personalized experiences

Adding a Hubspot form to a Reaction (Lead Capture)

A dynamic Hubspot form can be added to any Reaction that supports a CustomHTML content type. Follow these steps to add a Hubspot form to a Reaction:

  1. Navigate to the Reaction Studio within the Reactful Application

  2. Create/Edit a Reaction

  3. Create and assign a Content Card to the Reaction, or edit the existing one

  4. Set the CustomHTML toggle option to "on"

  5. Add your Hubspot Portal ID & Form ID to the code block below and paste into it to the Content Card

  6. Click "Update" and Save the Content Card

  7. The Reaction will now dynamically load a Hubspot form into the Reaction

<script> hbspt.forms.create({ 
portalId: '123456',
formId: 'xxx-yyy-zzz'

A common use case is create a "light-box" Reaction with a dynamic Hubspot form that triggers on "page exit". A dynamic form example is shown below:

Creating Personalized Experiences with Hubspot Data

Deliver realtime dynamic personalized experiences using Hubspot. There are to parts to this setup:

  1. Setup the Hubspot/Reactul Integration

  2. Build Reactions that are segmented with Hubspot Data

1.) Setting up the integration:

i. Go to Reactful Integrations within the Reactful Application

ii. Toggle Hubspot Integration "on"

iii. Enter your Hubspot details (Client ID, Client Secret & Refresh Token)

iv. Save your settings

v. The integration is complete

2.) Segment Reactions with Hubspot

i. Create/edit a Reaction

ii. Apply a Persona to the Reaction

iii. Add the Hubspot segment details to your Persona. A typical example is a Hubspot list id where a list id might be associated with a segment as seen below:

iv. Verify that a "vertical/segment" has been assigned to the Persona correctly.

v. Save the Persona & Reaction

vi. The Reaction will now only display for the assigned Hubspot segment.

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