Using Segment?

You can now view different reaction events within your Segment account, and send them to any other tool you have integrated!

Integration Setup  -

  1. Make sure you have Segment on your site

  2. Within your Reactful account, go to Website Settings > Integrations > Enable the Segment Integration:

(No setup is required within Segment. The Reactful code will identify the Segment code on your site, and "piggyback" it to send events into your Segment account).

Reactful Events -

Once your Reactful account is live and data starts flowing, you will see the following Reactful events within Segment:

  • [Reaction Name] Triggered - The visitor triggered the Reaction

  • [Reaction Name] Clicked  - The visitor clicked on the Reaction's CTA

  • [Reaction Name] Closed - The visitor closed the Reaction

  • [Reaction Name] Submitted - The visitor submitted their information (for Lead Capture reactions/goals)

  • [Goal Name] Completed - The visitor completed the goal

You will see all these events in your Segment Schema:

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