Integrate your RollWorks and Reactful platforms via an out of the box plug in option so you can identify the account-level or firmographic profile of your site visitors in real time. Powered by the RollWorks’ Site Visitor API, mutual RollWorks and Reactful customers can use RollWorks’ account data to create targeted and personalized experiences without requiring any changes to their website.


  • Direct integration with Reactful

  • Firmographic or account-level identification of your site visitors in real time

  • People to account level matching


  • Increase Organic and Paid conversion rates by creating highly targeted and personalized online experiences at scale

  • Optimized web content delivery for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop leveraging same Persona and dynamic content configurations. All devices are covered.

  • Create a seamless buyer journey by campaign, audience, channel, industry, company size, location, ect.

  • Conduct full funnel experimentation optimizing all digital assets with one solution

  • Measure the quality of brand awareness traffic based on website engagement and optimize paid campaigns accordingly

  • Track improvements based on website engagement and conversion goals (e.g. leads, sales, page views etc.)

Steps for setting up Reactful and RollWork accounts

Reactful Account Setup:

  • Sign up for an account (https://app.reactful.com/signup)

  • Add your first website - this is where you enter your company and domain.

  • The system will generate a snippet code for you to implement on all pages of the site, you can copy it or send directly to your IT team. The Reactful snippet is usually deployed through the TAG manager.

Notes -

  • There’s no need to wait - you can start setting up Goals, Reactions, Content Cards, Reactions and Reactful Persona before the code is implemented!

  • Don't worry - the account is created in "Staging" mode, so nothing will go live on the site until you launch the account.

Reactful Snippets Setup:

To connect the Reactful platform with your website and integrating RollWorks Site Visitor API with your Reactful instance the following snippets need to deployed in TAG manager in the following order:

  1. AdRoll pixel which is provided by RollWorks. This snippet remains unchanged

  2. Reactful Rollwork integration snippet (Available when you enable the RollWorks integration)

  3. Reactful snippet (Generated for your account and sent to you by email).

Details about each snippet below:

Reactful snippet (Connecting Reactful with your website)

  1. You have been granted access to your companies account on the Reactful platform (You should have received an email).

  2. You have received a separate email with the snippet that needs to be deployed via your TAG Manager (Link to support documents in the email).

  3. Make sure that the Reactful tag is deployed after the AdRoll pixel

Reactful RollWorks integration snippet (Connecting the Site Visitor API to Reactful)

  1. In your TAG manager create a new TAG ( Reactful RollWorks Integration) of type Custom HTML and place the content of the RollWorks integration script from the Reactful Integration Dashboard.

  2. In the TAG sequencing make sure that the Reactful RollWorks integration script fires after the AdRoll pixel.

  3. Make sure that the Reactful RollWorks integration TAG is placed before your existing Reactful snippet.

RollWork Account Setup

Ensure the RollWorks Site Visitor API has been enabled. Please refer to the RollWorks setup in RollWorks Help center.

Next Steps

Once the Reactful account is created and the RollWorks Site Visitor API is enabled you are ready to create Account Based Experiences (ABX)on your Websites. The following documentation guides you through the configuration process in Reactful Studio:

  • Reactful Studio – The Reactful Studio is where personalized experiences are created for visitors on your website. These personalized experiences are configured as Reactions. Reactions deliver your custom messaging and prompt visitors to take action. Reactions are design elements in the form of tooltips, notifications, or subtle animations that drive visitors to complete specific goals.

  • Reactful Best Practices – Reactful recipes and Tips and Tricks

  • Resources – Webinars, Case studies and Videos

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