2-Step reactions allow you to present a small "starter" (aka: step 1) on the site, which develops into a full size reaction (aka: step 2) - but only if the visitor clicks on it:

This is a great way to engage with your visitors without being intrusive or blocking content.

Reaction Setup - 

From the Reaction selection menu, select a 2-Step layer (there are two options - 2-step with Bottom Drawer and 2-step with Lightbox):

Create a card.
Select an Icon for the starter, and add text if you'd like (this is optional):

Then, continue to customize the reaction as always (insert a title, body, action, etc.).

To preview the full reaction flow, click Play. The Starter will appear, when you click on it the Starter will disappear and the full reaction will appear.

Save the card and continue.

Note - the color and font of the starter will be derived from the reaction appearance.

Measuring Performance - 

As with any other reaction, you'll be able to see all the interesting metrics about the reaction, and understand how the reaction is performing.
However, the metrics are a bit different in this case:

  • Visitors - The number of visitors who could have triggered the reaction

  • Triggered - The number of visitors who triggered the starter

  • Expanded - The number of visitors who clicked on the starter to expand the full reaction

  • Clicked - The number of visitors who clicked on the reaction CTA

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