You're busy. We know that.
We also know that sometimes you may want to create a reaction, and turn it on next week, or next month, or even turn it on only during weekends. 

But who can remember to turn it on, and then off, and then on again?
Well, now Reactful will remember that for you!

With our brand new scheduling feature, you'll be able to create all the reactions you want, and have the system activate and deactivate them automatically at times you select. 

Schedule Setup

There are 2 ways to set a schedule for reactions:

In the Reaction Studio - 

After you create & save a reaction, click on the "Reaction Scheduler" option

A pop up will open, in which you'll be able to select the following:

  1. Start / End Dates (for example, if you'd like the reaction to run from Jan. 1 - 31)

  2. Specific Times (for example, if you'd like the reaction to run only on Fridays)

  3. Time Zone (by default, this will be the account's time zone, but can be changed per reaction, for example, if you have visitors from multiple time zones)

(You can mix & match! Set a reaction to work from Jan. 1  - 31, but only on Mondays)

In the Dashboard - 

After creating reactions in the Studio, you can also set / edit the schedule from the reaction list in the dashboard.
Find the reaction you'd like to schedule, and then click on the "Reaction Scheduler" on the right:

The same pop up will open and allow you to set / edit the schedule for the reaction.

Note - When the reaction has a schedule, the Timer icon will be green: 

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