Use Cases

Do you have an email list or a sales pipeline to feed? The Lead Capture goal should be used when you want to capture a visitor's information from within a reaction.  These reactions can help engage visitors while generating more leads.  Use lead capture forms for any of the following:

  • Sign up for promotional offers or events

  • Subscribe to a newsletter or blog

  • Access "gated" resources

  • Request a demo / quote

The Recipe

Reactions with a lead capture form can help you achieve different goals.  In this example, we will use a Lightbox reaction paired with a Page Exit Trigger to help engage abandoning visitors. 

The first step is to create a new Goal with the type Lead Capture.  This provides some standard features in the Content Card that make the setup quite simple. 

  • Choose the Lightbox under Reaction Type and click Next

  • Create a new Content Card, then add your custom copy in the Title and the Action.

  • Choose one of the Submit action types which defines the desired behavior when the form is submitted.

  • Add the placeholder text for Email Input that you want to appear inside the box. 

  • Optionally, toggle on the Image button and upload an image or set the URL path.

  • Choose your background color, text color and fonts. (These can be customized using the eyedropper tool if needed.)

  • Save the Content Card and for a disengaged or abandoning visitor, choose Page Exit in the Triggers. 

  • You can add or skip the Personas if you like and save the Reaction.

If you would like to add additional fields to your lead form, the process is the same except that you can’t use an image.  Just toggle on additional fields such as Full Name, Comment, Phone and Company.

As mentioned previously, lead capture forms can be used at different points in the user journey.  Consider using different trigger types with your reaction to target both engaged/interested visitors as well as hesitant/disinterested visitors. For engaged and interested visitors, we recommend trying the following triggers:

  • Page Visits of 3 or more unique pages

  • Time on Site or Timer of 30 to 60 second threshold (depending on your average session length).

Sample Reactions


Top/Bottom Bar:

(Mobile) Top/Bottom Drawer:

Your Lead List

Your collected leads are available to download in the Analytics tab of the Reaction Dashboard.

If you have an integration with your Marketing Automation/CRM Platform such as Marketo, your leads will be sent directly to your integrated platform.  To learn more about Integrations, click here.


Please contact Reactful Support via our Support chat or at if you require any assistance with your Lead Capture setup.

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