Reactful offers "local" personalization capabilities at the city or zip/postal code level via our Local Geography plugin.  With Local Geography, you can achieve personalization use cases like the following:

  • Market local events only to visitors in proximity to the event location

  • Refer visitors to different actions (e.g. visit local store) if they are within a specific geography

  • Provide more detailed quotes or optimize offers/pricing

To use Local Geography, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Local Geography plugin on your site.  The plugin should ideally be loaded as early as possible, and before the main Reactful snippet.  If you do not have the plugin code, please contact us directly.

  2. Log into your Reactful Studio.

  3. Create a new Persona.

  4. Click on the Settings icon next to the Reactful API Connect option.

  5. Add a new Custom Variable with the key "city" or "postal" and the corresponding values.

  6. Click Save & Close to save the new variables.

  7. Now click on Custom Variables to reveal the list of defined variables.

  8. Select the Custom Variable you defined earlier and select include/exclude.

  9. Save your new persona.

Sample of city defined as new custom variable:

Sample of postal codes defined as a new custom variable:

Now you can associate your persona with any reaction to target only visitors from specific cities or zip codes.

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