Reactful's lead capture forms are great to quickly get lead forms up on your site.  Sometimes you'll want to go beyond the standard lead forms and for those cases, we have the custom HTML option available for you.

Use Cases

Custom HTML lead capture forms are best used for the following:

  • Including fields in your form that are not a part of the standard form

  • Custom styling - redesigning the look and layout of the reaction

  • Integrating/embedding forms from third party systems

Adding Fields

Reactful has default form field settings in the Lead Capture content cards. These form fields include:

  • Full name 

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Company

  • Comment

You can edit these fields by changing the placeholder text to what you prefer, for example, changing 'Phone' to 'Age', in order to collect different information.

However, if there are other fields that you would like to collect, you can make use of our custom HTML to create the perfect lead capture reaction. For example, if you want a field with a drop down menu, you can design this and insert it into the custom HTML section.

Reaction example:

HTML Styling

If the default settings do not match with the other forms on your site, you can redesign the reaction to the dimensions and styling of your choice. For example, you want your fields to appear in two columns, instead of only one.

Or, if you'd like to add extra text after the call to action to highlight your terms and conditions.

Reaction example:

Integrations & Embedding Forms

Our custom HTML field allows you to insert Javascript that can help integrate your form directly into any CRM, marketing automation or email platform.

It also allows you to embed forms that you have already created, within the reaction.

Reactful can help you integrate with platforms such as Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, Klaviyo, MailChimp and many more.  Please contact Reactful Support for assistance with integrations and form embeds.

Reaction examples:

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