Reactful offers multiple ways to convert your visitor traffic.  The easiest way is to drive more traffic to your existing lead capture forms.  Whether it's a gated asset, demo request or newsletter sign up, more views will result in more leads!

Use Cases
Notify the right visitors of resources or offers that would be relevant to them:

  • Promote high converting assets & resources to new visitors

  • Prompt interested visitors to sign up for an offer

  • Ask visitors engaged with your content to sign up for your newsletter

The Recipe
Your lead forms work fine, but they don't work if people aren't aware of them.  They also don't work if you present them when they're not relevant.

With Reactful, you can drive only the right visitor to the appropriate lead form at the right time.

Use any of our layer reactions with these popular triggers:

  • For new visitors, use a Time on Site trigger of 5 - 15 seconds

  • For interested visitors, use a Interest Reading trigger on key content about your product/offer

  • For highly engaged visitors, use a Page Visits trigger of 3 - 5 pages targeted at relevant content pages such as blog or product pages

Be sure to use our A/B testing capability to optimize the right content and trigger!

Sample Reactions

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