Encourage visitors to follow through with an action by providing social proof messaging. Leverage this messaging to increase your brand's credibility and win over customers who may be "on the fence"!

Use Cases

Encourage your visitors by:

  • Showcasing customer reviews

  • Highlighting your reviews page

  • Informing visitors of how many people have bought / used the product

  • Encourage visitors to join your community

The Recipe

You can add a customer review or social proof messaging in any layer reaction. These reaction types work best:

  • Lightbox (desktop & mobile)

  • Top or Bottom Bar (desktop & mobile)

  • Right or Left Notification (desktop)

Remember to keep messages shorter on Top and Bottom bars!

Social proof (desktop):

Customer review (mobile):

For a Page Exit reaction, it's best to use a Lightbox and include an image to emphasize a great customer quote:

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