Integrating 6sense with Reactful allows you to pair valuable off-site behavior and anonymous visitor data with Reactful's on-site behavior detection.  This enables you to add an additional level of personalization to your Reactful campaigns.


  1. You need to have an active 6sense account

  2. Your Custom Reactful Code must be installed on your website

  3. Your Reactful account must be "Live"

Complete the following steps to integrate Reactful with 6sense:

1. Log into your Reactful account and select the desired website to connect with 6sense.  From your Dashboard, go to Website Settings > Integrations.

2. Toggle the button to green to turn on the 6sense integration:

3. Copy the additional code snippet in the modal and insert the snippet before your existing Reactful snippet, either via your tag manager or directly on your website.

NOTE: You must update the CUSTOMER_API_TOKEN value with an active 6sense token (for Company Details API) provided to you by 6sense.  This is a different token than the one used in your 6sense website tracking script.
*Make sure you keep the word 'Token' before entering your API token.

4. Go to the Reactful Studio, and click 'Create new reaction' from the left navigation:

5. Create your reaction as usual and follow the steps until you reach the Persona tab.

6. Create a new Persona and select the settings icon next to 6sense integration:

7. A pop up window will appear where you can add the variable values and keys you’d like to use in your persona and save changes:

The following is an example API response received from a visitor belonging to the company "6sense".  It displays the company data, the segments that 6sense currently belongs to, and 6sense’s scores for buying the "software" and "bunnies" products:

The 6sense API data fall into one of three categories: company, segments or scores.  Each of the three categories are defined slightly differently in the Reactful persona as follow.

Company Fields
Here is an example of adding a value for a company - industry data field:
(Refer to the sample above for a full list of company fields.)

Label: Company - Industry example

6sense Key: company.industry

Value: Software and Technology

Segment Fields
Here is an example of adding a value for a segment data field:
(Note: because Segments can be returned in any order, you must use a Regular Expression wildcard around your name (e.g. .*segment_name.*) to define Values)

Label: Segment example

6sense Key: segments

Value: .*The Art of Winning.*

Score Fields
Here is a sample of adding a value for a score - buying stage data field for the software product:

Label: Score - software buying stage example

6sense Key:

Value: Decision

As a reference, here are the different buying stages:

  • Target

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Decision

  • Purchase

Profile fit values include:

  • Strong

  • Medium

  • Weak

Once your variables have been added in the settings, close the pop up window and click on the word ‘6sense’.

9. Select the variables you’d like to include/exclude in your Persona.

10. Save the Persona so it can be easily used again and save your reaction.

Your new reaction will now show only to the visitors who match your Persona variables.


Please contact Reactful Support via our online chat or email if you require any assistance with your integration setup.

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