Reactful offers integrations in a number of flavors to support different data transfer use cases.  Reactful currently supports 3 use cases for integration:

  1. Lead capture integration

  2. Analytics integration

  3. Data platform integration (for use with Personas)

For each use case, there may be multiple methods of integration.  Please contact our support team to assist you with setting up your integration.

1. Lead Capture Integration

The most popular integration is to integrate lead forms with your internal system.  Lead capture forms may be integrated with a myriad of systems including CRM systems, email platforms, marketing automation systems, data warehouses etc.

With the lead capture integration, all lead form details (e.g. email address, name, company, phone etc) will be captured by Reactful and posted in real time to your desired destination.  This enables you to maintain the existing programs you have for handling incoming leads and requires no additional maintenance.

Some popular lead capture integrations include Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce and MailChimp.

2. Analytics Platform Integration

Analytics integrations enables Reactful to send Reactful event data directly to a client’s analytics platform.  Clients may choose to send selective events or all events to their analytics platform.  Reactful can also integrate with multiple analytics platforms simultaneously.

Standard Reactful analytics events that can be sent include reaction triggered, reaction clicked, reaction closed, lead submitted and goal completed.  Other custom events may also be configured if supported by your analytics platform (e.g. Adobe Analytics).  Analytics events are typically transmitted in real time.

Some popular analytics integrations include Google Analytics, MixPanel, ClickTale and Adobe Analytics.

3. Data Platform Integration (for Personas)

Data can be integrated from any 1st or 3rd party data source with Reactful in order to be used with Reactful Personas.  In order for data to be used with Personas, the data must be available in real-time when the visitor is on the website.  Data can be transmitted in many ways including via an API or a tag manager data layer.

The data points you choose to integrate may vary tremendously from visitor characteristics (e.g. name, age, purchase history, etc), to company/account details (e.g. industry, company size, revenue, etc), to tangential info (e.g. weather detail, top selling products, etc).  Reactful supports any number of data points to be combined and used in Personas to target specific visitor groups.

Popular data platform integrations include ABM systems (e.g. 6sense), CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce), and Data Management Platforms (e.g. Adobe Audience Manager).

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