Reactful enables you to display reactions in any language you please. This helps personalize and improve the engagement between you and your visitors.

Use Cases

Display reactions in different languages by:

  • Making use of a geography persona

  • Making use of your website cookies

  • Applying page filters

Geography Persona

This allows you to display a reaction to a certain country, for example, showing a reaction in Spanish to visitors coming from Spain.

After creating your reaction and content card with the appropriate language, add georgraphy to your persona:

Select the country or countries that you want to target for the reaction. Save the persona, and you can now easily apply the saved persona to other reactions. This means, visitors coming from the countries you selected in your persona, will see the reaction with that persona.

Website Cookies

If your website makes use of language cookies, you can add these in the advanced tab of your website settings. Click here for more on how to add cookies.

Once the cookie information has been added, create your reaction. In the personas section, add the cookie to the users that match the language of the content card. For example, adding the Spanish cookie to your reaction that has the spanish content card:

Save the persona so you can easily reuse it in the future.

Page Filters

Do you host different languages on different pages? For example:

  • (for English)

  • (for Spanish)

Simply change the page in the Studio (see more on how to do that here) and create your reaction.

Or, you can apply global page filters and say you want to show on any /spa pages like this:

Here is an example of a Lead Capture reaction hosted on a set language page:

Still not sure on how to do this? Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you!

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