Session                 Defined as a group of interactions a visitor takes within a given time                                frame on your website.
Matched               The number of times the visitor matched the Persona, if applicable.
Viewed                 The number of times the reaction was shown to visitors. This was                                    previously called Triggered.
Clicked                  The number of visitors who clicked the call to action (CTA) in the
Closed                   The number of visitors who closed the reaction by clicking the "x".
Conversion           The number of visitors who viewed the reaction, then completed
                               the associated Goal.
Goal                       The key "conversion" actions completed by visitors (e.g. visit                                            a specific page, click on a button, submit a form).
Impact Rate           The uplift in conversion rate between the "With Reactful" and
                               "Without Reactful" groups.
With Reactful         Sessions in the test group that have the opportunity to trigger
Without Reactful   Sessions in the control group that never trigger any reactions. 


Goals                       A tool for measuring actions taken by visitors on your site such as
                                 visiting a specific page, submitting a form, or clicking on a specific                                  button.
Reactions are visual animations & content displayed at specific
                                 moments to engage & guide visitors such as subtle animations,
                                 text overlays and focus on specific elements.
Subtle Reactions    
Draw your visitor's attention with subtle animations to an
                                 existing element on a page, such as a button or block of text.
Layer Reactions      
Engage & guide visitors with a new layer of content to the page
                                 in various forms such as a lightbox, sidebar, tooltip, etc.
Focus Reactions    
Focus the visitor's attention on a specific element on a page
                                 using scroll to or a spotlight.
Inline Panel  
          Updates existing inline content or inserts new inline content such
                                 as messaging, images, buttons etc.
Content Cards        
Content Cards are where you customize messaging, CTA's and
                                 the look and feel of a layer reaction.
Triggers determine when a reaction should be displayed.                                                  Reactions can be shown when the user is engaged/interested,                                        confused, or about to abandon your website.
                Personas are used to target specific visitors based on key
                                 characteristics such as geography, referral domain, or cookies.  
Clone                      This feature allows you to duplicate an existing reaction with a
                                single click for easy updates.

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