What does the cloning feature do? It allows you to duplicate an existing Reaction with a single click.  Are you wondering why you would do this? Here are a few scenarios where cloning might be helpful:

  • Duplicate an existing reaction on another page or with a different trigger

  • Replicate an existing campaign with different content

  • Create variants of a base reaction for A/B testing

To use the "Clone" function, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Studio and choose Reactions. Scroll to the reaction you want to duplicate and click Clone.

Immediately after the Cloned Reaction opens, you will land in “Choose a Reaction Type” settings. Leave as is if you want to duplicate the same Reaction type.

2. (Optional) If the Reaction will be on a different page, click on the URL path and enter the new page, then click Continue. Select Next to move on to the Content Card step.

3. If you want to update the content from the existing reaction, click "Copy & Edit" to update the existing content in a new card. Make your updates, name and save your new card.  Select Next to move onto the Select Triggers tab.

4. Keep the same trigger or select a new trigger.  Double check that the page filters, if used (under “Affect all pages”) are still applicable or update as necessary. Select Next to move onto the Personas tab.

5. Reuse the existing Persona, assign a new Persona, or choose to skip this step based on your needs. 

6. Finally update the name of your new Reaction and save!  

That's all it takes to save time by copying from existing reactions.

Note: If you're cloning your reaction for an A/B test, be sure to enable "A/B Test" option for all variants.  We recommend testing only one variable (e.g. reaction type, content or trigger) at a time between variants for the best learnings.

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