If you would like to use any 1st or 3rd party data for greater personalization, you now have the option of integrating that data with our Custom Variables feature.

Data Sources

Potential data sources to integrate include:

  • Data available via an API

  • Data available via your website/tag manager's data layer

Data Format

Data for Custom Variables should be available in a key/value pair format.  
(e.g. key1 = "value1"; color = "blue"; registered = "true"; etc)

Integration Script

To integrate your data source(s), you will need to include Reactful's data integration script on your website.  Please contact our Customer Success team at support@reactful.com to assist in implementation.

Using Custom Variables with Personas

Once your data source is integrated with Reactful, you can use any of the data variables as part of your Reactful Personas.  You can define your Custom Variables within Personas just like any of the Advanced Persona Characteristics.  Custom Variables can be included/excluded from any persona.

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