A Persona represents a user type that comes to your website. By adding a persona to your reaction, you further personalize the user experience by making more targeted reactions based on different user types.

Introducing: Personas

Having a set of pre-defined personas available to pick from simplifies the workflow and makes it easier to define campaigns for different criteria.

Users can define base personas that can be used by one or multiple reactions. If the persona is changed (added/removed/modified) it can be done in a single place for all reactions used instead of modifying every reaction that uses the persona.

With the new personas feature, data can come from any combination of a number of sources including:

  • Reactful - for standard traits such as new/returning visitor, geography, & referral domain

  • From your website - cookies and URL parameters; product details/metadata on the page; etc

  • 1st party data - this is data that you keep internally such as visitor information from your CRM, purchase history, product recommendations etc

  • 3rd party data - data stored on external CRM or DMP service such as Salesforce, Oracle Bluekai, 6Sense, Adobe Audience Manager etc.

How to Setup Your Personas

Personas can be used with multiple reactions, similar to how content cards work.  To create a new persona, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Reactful Studio and select the Personas option from the left nav:

  • Click the + button to create a new Persona.

  • When creating a persona, you define it by selecting the criteria: 

  • Reactful has standard criteria such as showing the reaction to either new visitors or returning visitors, based on their location, or from which domain they are coming from.

  • Furthermore, there is advanced criteria which require some extra setup. If your advanced criteria is greyed out, it means you haven't set it up in the advanced settings of the platform (this can be done by clicking the Settings icon on the right of a characteristic)

  • Name your persona defining the segmentation used.

  • Save the persona 

Using Your Personas

When creating your reaction and trigger, the last step will be the Personas.  Click Select a Persona in order to select the persona you created.

Managing Personas

  • Click on the 'Personas' tab in the left panel of the Studio

  • Choose the persona you want to edit by hovering over it and selecting 'Edit':

  • Edit the criteria and rename the persona to re-define it:

  • Press 'Save' and all the reactions that use this persona will automatically be updated.

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