1. You are a Marketo user with Admin rights

  2. Your Reactful Code must be installed on your website

  3. Your Reactful account must be set to "Live"

You can now send your leads from Reactful to your Marketo account!  Here's how:

  1. Firstly, complete steps identified in Marketo’s Quick Start Guide for Marketo REST API to create a LaunchPoint Service, and obtain Client Id, Client Secret, and Endpoint URL.  Note: When creating a new Role, select only this Permission: Access API > Read-Write Lead 

2. Ensure you have at least one Static List created in Marketo to receive Leads from Reactful.

3. Next, log into your Reactful account and select the desired website to connect with Marketo.  From your Dashboard, go to Website Settings > Integrations.

4. Toggle the Marketo integration option to the right (green), and a pop up will appear, prompting you to add the following information about your Marketo account:

Now that you're intergrated...

How do I select the list for my leads to send to?

  1. Go to the Reactful Studio, and click 'Create new reaction' from the left navigation

2. Add a new goal and select the 'Lead Capture' goal

3. Once selected, a  'Setup of Lead Capture Goal' popup will appear. Toggle the Marketo - Send Leads option to the right:

4. Once toggled green, you can start typing the name of the list and a drop down menu will appear for you to select the list(s) from Marketo that you would like to send the leads to.

5. After the list is selected, click 'Continue' and name your goal. The setup is now complete and you can carry on creating a reaction as usual.

Follow the rest of the process for creating a reaction here:

Your new reaction will send all leads it collects to Marketo with 'Reactful' as an automatic lead source.


To validate the Marketo integration has been setup successfully, please submit a lead via your live reaction and ensure the lead appears in your assigned Marketo Static List.  The new lead should have 'Reactful' as the Lead Source.


Please contact Reactful Support via our Support chat if you require any assistance with your integration setup.

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