Recipes are reaction-trigger combinations that function best together to capture your visitors’ attention and get them to take action.

These were compiled through extensive testing and deployments on dozens of commercial websites. They are sorted under which goal you would like to improve.

Here are recipes and ideas for your site:


  • Page Entrance > Spotlight. Spotlight focus element upon page entrance.

  • Timer > Notification. Provide signup form in a reaction to allow another area for a user to convert.


  • Segmentation. Top bar reaction upon page entrance from certain domains / URL parameters.

  • Timer > Notification. Social proof messaging notifying users how many visitors trust and use their site.

Demand Generation

  • Page Exit > Lightbox. Lightbox on Page exit to keep up to date with all new offers.

  • Idle > Spotlight. Spotlight the sign up form on Idle activity.


  • Timer > Bottom Bar. Notify users their information is safe and secure when paying.

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