Recipes are reaction-trigger combinations that function best together to capture your visitors’ attention and get them to take action.

These were compiled through extensive testing and deployments on dozens of commercial websites. They are sorted under which goal you would like to improve.

Here are recipes and ideas for your B2B site:


  • Scroll-to > Shake. When visitors scroll down to specific section, shake the call-to-action to join.

  • Idle > Pulse. Pop chat widget when user is hesitant on checkout.

  • Timer > Sidebar. Show quotes from clients in a sidebar with a call-to-action to sign up.


  • Idle > Notification. When visitors are confused on the about page, react with a notification promoting webinar.

  • Page Entrance > Top Bar. Event coming up? Promote it with a page entrance top bar.

  • Idle > Flash. Flash the event’s tab when visitors are idle.

Demand Generation

  • Timer > Bottom Bar. Offer content upgrades in a message overlay.

  • Page Exit > Top Bar. Promote signups with a top bar reaction before visitors exit the page.

  • Timer > Notification. Remind users of your successes by offering case studies with call-to-actions.

  • Timer > Sidebar. Offer free demo or 1:1 session in exchange for email.


  • Page Entrance > Top Bar. Promote upcoming webinar.

  • Timer > Notifcation. Social proof messaging notifying users how many visitors use and trust their software.


  • Form Leave > Bottom Bar. Offer whitepaper when users stop filling out a form.

  • Time on Page > Sidebar. Promote ebook on blog page with a notification reaction.

  • Scroll-to > Notification. When visitors reach the bottom of the page, promote resource on a reaction.

  • Page Exit > Lightbox. Before visitors leave, promote resource in a lightbox reaction.

  • Timer > Bottom Bar. Encourage signups in a notification promoting free resource download.

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