Reactful Recipes are Reaction-Trigger combinations that are best suited together to target your audience's attention and prompt them to take action.

We've made a list of recipes for you to help you get started with creating Reactions. They are sorted under which goal you would like to improve.

Here are recipes and ideas for your B2C site:


  • Idle > Shake. Shake your website’s main call-to-action on idle behavior.

  • Idle > Spotlight. Focus reaction on key form area

  • Segment: New visitors. Offer first purchase discount in a Sidebar Reaction.

  • Segment: Returning visitors .Offer extended trial to returning visitors. 


  • Timer > Notification. Make sure visitors know their information will be safe - notification on checkout pages

  • Scroll to > Bottom Bar. Provide social proof messaging in a bottom bar when a visitors scrolls down the page.

Demand Generation

  • Page Visits > Sidebar. Offer coupon code in first newsletter.

  • Interested/Reading > Notification. Encourage signups with a notification layer when a visitor is interested in a section.

  • Scroll-to > Bottom Bar. If a visitor has reached the bottom of the page, remind them that they can sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date.

  • Page Exit > Lightbox. Before visitors exit, encourage them to sign up to be the first to know of new deals.

  • Idle > Flash. Flash subscribe button upon idle behavior.


  • Page Entrance > Top Bar. Notify of event/promotion.

  • Scroll to > Notification. Social proof messaging notifying users how many visitors purchased from them in past week.

  • Timer > Notification. Notify users that their information is safe and secure during checkout.


  • Page Visits > Notification. Promote success stories in notification reaction

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