Reactful Recipes are Reaction-Trigger combinations that are best suited together to target your audience's attention and prompt them to take action.

We've made a list of recipes for you to help you get started with creating Reactions. They are sorted under which goal you would like to improve.

Here are recipes and ideas for your e-commerce site:


  • Idle > Sidebar. When users are idle (meaning they are inactive), react with a sidebar promoting an offer.

  • Idle > Shake. When users are idle, shake the appropriate call-to-action to grab attention to the right place

  • Idle > Notification. When a user is idle, remind them to add to cart in a message overlay

  • Interest/Reading > Bounce. Bounce ‘add-to-cart’ button when users are interested in a product to grab attention.

  • Interest/Reading > Spotlight. Make it easy for consumers by spotlighting on the add-to-cart section once a user is interested

  • Page Exit > Lightbox. Show a lightbox reaction making sure they won’t miss out on the purchase before they exit the page

  • Segment: Returning Visitor. Offer returning visitors (with items in their cart) a unique coupon code in a reaction


  • Interest/Reading > Bottom Bar. Show an encouraging message (e.g. positive review/easy return feature/free shipping offer)  in a bottom bar once a user is interested 

  • Segment: Domain Referrer. Promote special offers to visitors coming from a specific domain.

  • Timer > Notification. Show social proof messaging in a notification (e.g. customer rating, number of recent purchases, or limited quantities left) 

Lead Generation

  • Top/Bottom Bar > Page Entrance. Prompt visitors to sign up to your newsletter with an email capture.

  • Lightbox > Page Exit. Encourage users to provide their contact information before they leave.

  • Sidebar > Idle. Prompt users to provide their email to get the latest news sent straight to their inbox.


  • Top Bar. Site-wide promotion offer with coupon code.

  • Notification. Show notification box with social proof of product or recent purchase.

  • Notification. Notify users their information is safe and secure during checkout.


  • Page Visits > Sidebar. Promote brochure download in a sidebar reaction

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