Reactful now offers an option to enable two factor authentication via Authy.  This industry leading security feature allows you to further secure your account.

Here's how to activate two factor authentication:

  • Login to your account.

  • Go to 'User Settings' (from the top right corner, click on your profile name for the drop down menu)

  • Toggle the switch beneath the 'Two Factor Authentication' option

  • Enter your mobile phone number

*If Authy is already installed on your mobile device, the Reactful tab will be added automatically and no further installation steps are necessary. Click on the Reactful tab and use the token for the validation step.

  • You will receive a text message prompting you to install the free 'Authy' app 

  • Download Authy and follow the installation steps

  • In the Authy app, enter your email address associated with your Reactful account

  • You will then receive your Reactful token which you enter into your Reactful user settings:

  • Once your token has been submitted, your two factor authentication setup is complete!

  • Now whenever you login to your account, go to the Authy app to retrieve a new Reactful token to enter along with your credentials.

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