The Reactful code is simple to implement, and it's the only tech work you'll have to do.

Once the code is on the site, it will start collecting data, and allow you to launch reactions within a few minutes!

  • The code should be added to all pages of the site (usually done by adding it to the main template of the site).
  • The code can also be implemented via Tag Manager, just like adding any other script.
  • If you are not implementing the code on all pages of the site, make sure to implement it on all pages on which you want reactions AND on all goal pages (i.e. “Thank You” pages, purchase confirmation pages, etc.)
  • It's recommended to add the code at the end of the head section of the page - just before the </head> tag.
  • The Reactful code is specific for domain and should be implemented only on pages of the domain you setup (i.e. www). If there are any subdomains (i.e. shop.), please create an additional website and get a different code for the domain.
  • You will not see any changes to the site once the code is implemented - the system will only run in the background.
  • Not sure the code is implemented correctly? See how to check here.
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