Our system actually offers two levels of A/B testing:

Global A/B Test -

Our system automatically assigns 20% of the site's traffic as a control group - these visitors will not trigger any reactions on the site.

This serves as a baseline for the conversion rate, and allows you to always see the impact reactions have on the site's performance.

  • Note - the only goal that will not be A/B tested is the Lead Generation goal. Reactions that ask the visitors for their information will apply to 100% of traffic.

Reaction A/B Test -

On top of the Global A/B Test, you can set an A/B test for each individual reaction, so you can track the performance of each reaction on it's own.

For this A/B test, you can also determine the percentage of visitors you'd like in each group.

This can be set in 2 places:

1) When creating and saving the reaction, if the Reactful code is already on the site, you'll be able to set the A/B test directly from the Reaction Studio:

2) From the Account Dashboard, go to the relevant Goal and then to the "Reactions" tab. You will see a list of all the reactions, and you'll be able to set the A/B test for each reaction:

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