Want to replace existing content without relying on your web developer?  Now you can with Reactful's inline reaction.

Use Cases

  • Change background/hero image & message
  • Change offer/message in a fixed banner space
  • Display different content for specific user segments (e.g. personalize content based on visitor demographics)

Creating an Inline Reaction

To create an inline reaction, you can follow the exact same process as existing reactions, although there can only be one inline reaction per page: (it's suggested to setup your page for Inline Reactions before beginning).

  • Go to the Reactful Studio and create a new reaction.
  • Select any goal other than “Lead capture”.
  • Select the Inline > Panel reaction type, which is at the very bottom.
  • The content must be created as custom HTML (see below).
  • The trigger will automatically default to “Page Entrance”.  You may optionally set page filters.
  • A persona may also be added optionally to target specific visitors.

All other features (e.g A/B testing, scheduler, etc) can be used just like any other reactions.

Creating Your Content Card

To setup your new content, select the New Content Card option and follow these steps:

  • Go to your webpage in a normal browser
  • Inspect the element with the inline panel class
  • Copy the element (and applicable styles) and paste into the content card
  • Update the content to reflect your desired changes
  • Click the Update button below the HTML content box to apply your changes
  • You can preview your changes by clicking the Play button

*Note: The preview of the inline reaction will only occur if the “_rctfl_native_panel” class has been added to the page.  Refer to this document for more details.

Interested in learning more? Click here to learn how to Insert new content using Reactful's Inline Panel tool.

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