Want to add new content without relying on your web developer?  Now you can with Reactful's inline reaction.

Use Cases

  • Add additional content such as a fixed top/bottom banner (header/footer)
  • Add a panel in the middle of the page for promotions/ads
  • Insert content only for specific devices (e.g. image banner for desktop)

Creating an Inline Reaction

To create an inline reaction, you can follow the exact same process as existing reactions:

  • Go to the Reactful Studio and create a new reaction.
  • Select any goal other than “Lead capture”.
  • Select the “Inline” -> “Panel” reaction type.
  • The content must be created as custom HTML (see details below).
  • The trigger will automatically default to “Page Entrance”.  You may optionally set page filters.
  • A persona may also be added optionally to target specific visitors.

All other features (e.g A/B testing, scheduler, etc) can be used just like any other reactions.

Content Insertion using HTML

To build your new content, create a new content card and follow these steps:

  • Start by adding a new <div> in the content card
  • Add your desired content within the <div>
  • As needed, add CSS styling inline, within a <style> tag, or by reusing other style classes on your site
  • Update background color, text color and font using the standard options below

Here's an example of adding basic text inline.

<div style="font-size: 24px; font-weight: bold; text-align: center;">
     Here is some new great content!
  • After adding your HTML content, click the Update button to apply your changes
  • You can preview your changes by clicking the Play button

Note: The preview of the inline reaction will only occur if the “_rctfl_native_panel” class has been added to the page.  Refer to this doc for more details.

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