For sites with multiple visitor personas, you can offer a much more personalized and relevant site experience with the use of Reactful personas. For example, you can target specific industries, company size, location and much more. Wouldn’t it be great to have specific resources offered on one page based on the vertical such as healthcare or non-profits without making any updates to the native content on the page? Displaying relevant content makes your website more credible and asking for lead capture more acceptable!

The Recipe

An engaged visitor will value relevant content in their industry after spending a bit of time on a page. Reactions which remain visible as the visitor scrolls through the page while also not interfering with your product content work best.  We recommend considering these reaction types:

  • Left/Right Notification (desktop)
  • Left/Right Sidebar (desktop)
  • Top/Bottom Banner (desktop)
  • Bottom Drawer (mobile & tablet)

Start by creating a reaction with your personalized content for your target audience, and follow through the steps. Create a Persona with a Custom Variable that utilizes 3rd Party data on the site to identify the vertical, or a Custom Variable with 3rd Party data that detects the location of the visitor. For example, by integrating with Clearbit, you can use their industry tags to personalize the hero messaging on your homepage. As the visitor hits the homepage, they are assigned to a specific audience segment and shown relevant industry messaging. Please refer to our integration support article for more details. Here are a few examples:
 Left Notification:

Bottom Bar:

Mobile / Tablet Lightbox:

Please contact Reactful Support via our online chat or email if you require any assistance with your Reaction setups.

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