Use Cases

Do you have long product details pages?  Wouldn’t it be great to have an additional Add to Cart button as the visitor scrolls down the page?  Reading deeper into a product page shows interest from a visitor, so make it easy for those interested visitors to add items to their cart!

The Recipe

Reactions which remain visible as the visitor scrolls through the page while also not interfering with your product content work best.  We recommend considering these reaction types:

  • Bottom Bar (desktop)
  • Left/Right Notification (desktop)
  • Left/Right Bar (desktop)
  • Bottom Drawer (mobile & tablet)

To have the button mimic your “Add to Cart” button, simply use the Click On option in the reaction’s Action and select the existing “Add to Cart” button.  For more advanced configurations, you can also use the JS Run option to add a custom script. Using a “Scroll to” Trigger can set the Reaction to appear once the native content is out of view. Here are a few samples to share of what these could look like:

Bottom Bar:

Floating Right Notification:

Mobile / Tablet Bottom Drawer:

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