Your website URL includes different parameters? Have different campaigns set up you would like to segment users by? Well, now you CAN! 

Wait... first, let's understand what this actually means.

You can insert parameters into your URLs so that your URLs track information about a click and to identify the origin of the user. URL parameters are made of a key and a value that are separated by an equals sign (=) and are joined by an ampersand (&).

The first parameter always comes after a question mark (?) in a URL. For example,

The key in this example would be - campaign
The value in this example would be - facebook1


If you are using this, why not create more accurate and targeted reactions?

Introducing: Reactful's URL Parameters Segmentation.

Now you can create reactions for specific segments, determined by URL parameters. Alternatively, you can exclude specific segments from a reaction.

Segmentation Setup - 

From the dashboard, go to Website Settings > Advanced > URL Parameters Page Filter.

Give your segment a name (e.g. "Facebook Campaign"), enter the URL Query Key (e.g. campaign) and URL Query Value (optional, e.g. facebook1). The Value field is optional as if you have different values for one key, you can include all of the value options by leaving the field empty.

Add as many segments as you'd like, and click Update.

Using URL Parameters in your Persona 

To create a reaction for your new segment, go to the Reaction Studio.

In the left navigation, select the "Personas" option and follow the steps to create a new Persona.

You will find the list of URL Parameter Segments you created earlier.

Click the "+" sign to select the relevant parameter, and the toggle to include / exclude this segment from the reaction.

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