If you have custom user data that is not accessible by site cookies, you now have the option of using that data with our Custom Variables feature.

This feature consists of two parts:

  1. A modified Reactful Code snippet that includes the definition of a new object _rctfl.custom object that can contain any number of key /value pairs. The TAG Manager will dynamically insert custom variables based on the user visiting the page. Reactful will load the key/value pairs and apply them to rules defined in the Persona section of the Reaction setup. Custom variables can be included/excluded for any reaction.
  2. Set of Custom variables defined under advanced settings that the reaction should be validated against.

Modified Snippet code

The snippet code is downloaded from the the Reactful server. The line where main.rtfl.js is loaded from depends on the deployment you use.

Please contact our Customer Success team at support@reactful.com to provide you with the modified code and assist in implementation.

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