Your website uses cookies, right?

It helps remember visitor history, record their online activity, recognize logged-in visitors, etc.

And since you have all that information, why not use it to create more accurate, targeted reactions?

Introducing: Reactful's Cookie Based Segmentation. 

Now you can create reactions for specific segments, determined by cookies which are already used on your site. Alternatively, you can exclude specific segments from a reaction.

Use this to:

  • Prevent showing "Sign up" reactions to visitors who are already logged in.
  • Give discounts to visitors who previously made purchases.
  • Encourage visitors who previously added items to their shopping cart to complete their purchase
  • Present relevant content to a returning visitor
  • And much more...

Segmentation Setup - 

From the dashboard, go to Website Settings > Advanced > Cookie Based Segmentation

Give your Segment a name (i.e. "logged in"), enter the Cookie Key (Cookie name) and Cookie Value (optional), and click Add.

Create as many segments as you'd like, and click Update Settings.

Using Cookie Segments - 

To create a reaction for your new segment, go to the Reaction Studio.

Create / Edit a reaction.

Within "Trigger" go to "Segmentation" and click on "Cookies".

Here you will find the list of Cookie Based Segments you created.

Click the "+" sign to select the relevant cookie, and the toggle to include / exclude this segment from the reaction.

Cookie Included:

Cookie Excluded:

Go back to the Trigger tab to save your reaction.

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