A Persona represents a user type that comes to your website. By adding a persona to your reaction, you further personalize the user experience by making more targeted reactions based on different user types.

Creating personas (previously known as segmentation) for each reaction can be quite repetitive and take up a bit of time.

Introducing: Personas

Having a set of pre-defined personas available to pick from simplifies the workflow and makes it easier to define campaigns for different criteria.

Users can define base personas that can be used by one or multiple reactions. If the persona is changed (added/removed/modified) it can be done in a single place for all reactions used instead of modifying every reaction that uses the persona.

How to do it:

Personas use the same workflow as the content cards. 

  • After creating your reaction and trigger, the next step will be the Personas.
  • You can create a persona or use an exisiting one you have already set up. If you don't want to use a persona, you can skip this step and finish your reaction.
  • When creating a persona, you define it by selecting the criteria: 
  • Name your persona defining the segmentations used.
  • Save the persona and click on 'Next'
  • 'Save Reaction' to complete your reaction setup.

New option to manage Personas:

  • To edit your persona, click on the 'Personas' tab in the left panel of the Studio
  • Choose the persona you want to edit by hovering over it and selecting 'Edit':
  • Edit the criteria and rename the persona to define it:
  • Press 'Save' and all the reactions that use this persona will be updated.
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